Our ETF Portfolios

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are a cost-effective and easy way to access markets and asset classes you might not otherwise have access to.

Our ETF portfolio service gives you access to the ETF’s our team believe are most likely to outperform. With multiple options for all types of risk profiles.

With regards to performance, back testing for the 12-months prior to 30th June 2019, the portfolios have shown*:

Conservative Portfolio:    10.84% Return including dividends
Balanced Portfolio:          15.02% Return including dividends
Aggressive Portfolio:       14.75% Return including dividends

Why us?:

  • Management fees of only 0.55%
  • Multiple portfolio strategy options to choose from
  • Experienced team that you can call at any time
  • Geographical and asset-class diversification

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*Please note: past returns are not a reliable indicator of future returns. Returns quoted are before fees.