Our Portfolios

We offer three basic portfolio options to suit different risk/return profiles. But you don’t need to feel constrained within this framework.

How many people can call up their portfolio manager and discuss changes to their investments? Or even just to chat about the market?

Our Portfolios are all about the individual investor. All portfolio changes are run by, discussed with, and approved by you.

With management fees at a flat 0.55% (inc GST), we believe in keeping fees low so as to keep them from effecting the long term performance of your investment.

Our portfolios are held in ASX accounts (on ASX HINs) in your own name. This means that transactions are settled to your bank account quickly.

Investment in our Emerald Portfolios are held on your own individual Holder Identification Number (HIN) so you retain full legal and beneficial ownership. There is no custody risk since all cash and investments are always held in your name.


Investments that provide exposure to a mix of growth and income assets. Suitable for all investors.

  • International Equities
  • International Property
  • Cash/Fixed Interest
  • Australian Equities
  • Australian Property


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